Small cap coins with potential

Posted by admin at 6:24 PM on Aug 10, 2018


Small cap coins with potential

June 2018


When the shitcoins eventually get darwined out of the crypto space, the ones that survive will rise through the coin market cap ranks.


We propose to


1.   Hold these types of coins in a pooled investment portfolio.


The portfolio would be adjusted over time for coins with better projects or better performance. There could be a quarterly review of what coins should stay and what should go, or as needed and as the crypto space moves.


2.   Create a personalized small cap index for the investment group based on Woke’s primary interests.


In determining eligibility for the portfolio or index, the coin must meet some of the below criteria:


Real working product with an achievable/believable roadmap

—  Have the team followed through on previous milestones? On time?

—  How do the early investors feel about this project? Are they happy with the team’s progress or are they feeling disillusioned?

—  Progress must have been made since launch — cannot still be just a white paper

—  Is this a project that institutions or government would find valuable?


Development team must be of a reasonable size (30–60 active people)

—  Team must have expanded since its original launch

—  Team must have real endorsements and partnerships already in place


An active community on Telegram or other social media

—  How big is the community? What is the community sentiment?

—  Who are the people who believe in this coin for the long run?


On decentralized exchanges already and eligible to be added to exchanges like Binance, etc.

—  A small cap coin that pops up frequently in decentralized exchanges is a good choice and has a chance of being added in the future

—  DEXs are a good place to search for coins —liquidity has not reached those coins yet


Position in crypto market cap is lowly

—  300–500 is where some quality has risen to the top already; there may be gems in 500+ but those will take more investigation


Large cap coins in similar space

—  Is there a large cap coin working in the same space? Yes would not necessarily be a bad thing as it shows interest in solving the problem.

—  Can the solution be done by more than one coin/player?

—  What does this small coin do that the large cap coin doesn’t do?


Example coins:


Gridcoin GRC — $0.44

—  Rewards computing power for scientific research and projects like protein structure prediction, mapping the Milky Way, searching for prime numbers, and tackling problems in health and energy

—  Open source, already up and running

—  Computing for coin rewards will be one application — already in the space is Golem and SNM and they are in the top 200, but not out of beta development

—  Current position: 408


–     Similar to Folding Coin FLDC (position 519) — which uses computing power for medical field, was founded by Stanford grads


Smartlands SLT — $2.42

—  Smartlands is a worldwide platform for tokenization of real economy assets by issuing asset-backed tokens (ABT)

§  Assets could be real estate, manufacturing, agricultural, company shares

—  Made on the Stellar platform (number 8 in current total crypto market cap) — Stellar is highly reputable and has great partnerships including IBM

—  Current position: 475


TE-Food TFD — $0.038

—  Token for supply chain/tracking of food

§  very good because supply chain sector will be one of the earliest to embrace blockchain

—  Working product

—  Excellent roadmap and rollout

—  Good, local focus in Vietnam and initial dev/rollout on a very clearly defined/achievable scale (not claiming to fix everything everywhere)

§  emerging country projects actually may have a lot more potential because those economies are eager for innovation and using tech to solve problem — less regulation in their way

—  Current position: 404


Deep Onion — $1.95

—  Privacy coin sent through TOR network

—  If you want privacy, use the privacy coins that aren’t as famous ;)

—  Privacy will always be an important part of the crypto space

—  Current position: 317