Indices in the works

Posted by admin at 6:36 PM on Aug 10, 2018


Example indices:
  • Medical — especially genomics, which has a USD 3.7 TRILLION market according to Goldman Sachs.
  • Identification
  • Supply chain and logistics (includes sustainables) — Supply chain is the first sector to embrace and be disrupted by the crypto space — if we’re looking for profit, this is the space to move into immediately as it’s set to take off the earliest compared to, let’s say, AI which is a distance off.
  • Gaming — though gaming may not necessarily be very Woke, this industry will warmly welcome crypto
  • Retail
  • Privacy
  • Interest bearing
  • Exchange tokens — this will be a major corner of the market because traditional exchanges, dex, coins swaps, and fiat entry points are a crucial part of infrastructure being built as we speak
  • Energy tokens — energy will have a major impact on growth and development of crypto, and will itself be massively disrupted by crypto = worth keeping an eye on
  • Emerging markets — opportunities are plentiful in emerging markets where people are eager to improve their lives with technology, thus regulation is sometimes more easy-going (compared to US, China, Korea which are regulation heavy and impeding open innovation)